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Welcome to the world of Woof and Joy!

It looks as if a child created it with their own hands

The power of imagination transforms the everyday into the magical. A strip of foil becomes a sparkling river, a tangle of wool the leaves on a tree, a cardboard box a great mountain rising on the horizon. A whole world born on your child’s bedroom floor, waiting to be explored...
Wait a minute! I need to check ….
Hello I’m

Hello I’m Woof.

I like inventing devices and creating things for my friends. I’m also passionate about the environment and I always do my best to take care of our planet. There’s so much out there waiting to be discovered!


  • Reasonable
and careful
    Reasonable and careful
  •  Focuses
on details
    Focuses on details
  • Supportive friend
    Supportive friend
Come on! Let’s find out about…
Hi there I’m

Hi there I’m Joy!

I love adventures and playing games with my friends. There are sooooo many exciting things I’d like to do – fly to space, throw a dance party, make new buddies. It’s just so hard to choose with all these possibilities!


  • Courageous leader
    Courageous leader
  • Looks at the bigger picture
    Looks at the bigger picture
  • Determined explorer
    Determined explorer
I can show you everything that is on the Web!
And I’m

And I’m FAB the Funny Amazing Bot

Hola! Konnichiwa! Bonjour! Hi! I’m the Funny Amazing Bot, but you can call me FAB. I have access to a lot of knowledge and information to help Woof and Joy on their adventures. I don’t understand feelings very well, but I always like to help my friends learn!


  • Rational
    Rational thinker
  • Helpful companion
    Helpful companion
  • Geeky and Informative
    Geeky and Informative
There’s no I in team
Chicken Cubes, Syllable Machine, Giant, and more...

Chicken Cubes, Syllable Machine, Giant, and more...

But that’s not all! Woof and Joy are surrounded by many other fantastic and funny creatures that help them understand challenging educational concepts. Learning’s always better with friends!

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